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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find frequently asked questions about pallet rental.

The wooden pallet rental system we offer you without sacrificing quality is advantageous in terms of cost.

We buy used pallets again, repair them and put them on the market. We reduce the trees cut in the world, we reduce the cost and protect the nature.

Request a quote according to the rental schedule, pallet type, quantity and collection schedule. After creating the efficient rental model, get involved in the cycle with the contract.

Turpal, Euro and Epal pallets are used in the Pallet Rental System.

Turpal Pallet: TURPAL pallet is the most cost-effective pallet standards developed by the Standard Pallet Association in Turkey, aiming at efficiency in pallet operations, especially the return process, and optimizing the parcel / pallet, storage and transportation processes for the products produced.

Euro Pallet: Euro pallet is the pallets in the standards specified by the European Pallet Association, and there are 80x120 cm, 100x120 cm, 120x100 cm and 60x80 cm types. The widely used 80x120 cm Euro pallet consists of 80 pieces of wood, weighing approximately 35 kg, 45,234 dm3, and its distributed load carrying capacity is 1500 kg.

Epal Pallet : European Pallet Association (for short, EPAL) is the only name for worldwide quality assured EPAL/EUR-Pallets. EPAL It is the institution that authorizes pallet manufacturers to affix the EPAL stamp on pallets that comply with Europalet standards and supervises the correct use of this authority.


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