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PCS Pallet Control Systems is Turkey's first Pallet Loop System with large volume production power. With the low pallet costs brought by high production power, PCS Pallet Rental System offers you the same standard and quality at much lower costs.

PCS Palet

Pallet Loop System

If you want to provide valuable recycling while reducing the supply costs of standard, size and number of wooden pallets suitable for the needs of your business, if you have difficulty in managing operations such as storage and recycling, you can join the loop system with PCS Pallet Loop Systems and get high quality service at low costs.

Do You Need Wooden Pallet?

Pallet Rental Form

    Pallet Control Solutions

    Pallet Rental

    By using pallet rental system, operating costs are reduced.

    Pallet Reception

    Your pallets of different sizes and types are collected from all over Turkey and included in the cycle.

    Pallet Repair

    Through 13 Repair Centers in 10 Regions, your pallets are quickly collected, repaired and reintegrated into the cycle.

    Pallet Recycling

    An environmentally friendly and efficient recycling model is created by increasing the pallet circulation time through the pallet loop system.

    We Protect Nature

    We are aware that our nature is a legacy for future generations. To prevent further tree cutting, we recycle used pallets and include them in the chain.

    Cost Savings

    Contribution to the Economy

    Low Waste Volume

    Benefits of Pallet Rental

    Pay As You Use

    Pallet rental is preferred for a lower upfront cost and a more predictable budget than typical pallet sales.

    Transport Efficiency​

    Leave behind all the costs associated with the logistics and assembly of your pallets. We organize the rapid collection of your pallets all over Turkey.

    High Production Power

    As Turkey's only pallet loop system with production power, we constantly support the loop with new pallets.

    Superior Quality and Manageable Cycle

    Use high quality pallets of superior standards. We undertake maintenance, repair, renewal and replacement.

    Security and Reliability​

    We thoroughly inspect every pallet to ensure your products are protected and your teams are safe.

    Reduced Financial Risks and Costs

    We minimize your purchasing costs and financial risks with the opportunity to purchase in volume.​

    Are You Ready to
    See the Benefits?

    How the Pallet Loop System Works?

    pcs process ing


    Consultation, Offer and Contract

    We present your proposal according to the rental model, pallet type, number and collection plan, and after creating the most ideal rental model, we include you in the cycle with a contract.


    Order, Shipping and Delivery

    We are getting ready for delivery with the order received via PCS Crm. We create the shipping plan and deliver quickly.


    Gather, Repair, and Gain to Cycle

    We take the pallets from the collection points you have specified, and complete the maintenance, repair and cleaning processes at our repair centers and return them to the cycle with high quality standards.

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