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What is Pallet Cycle ?

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Efficiency and Low Cost

A pallet cycle is provided by renting, using a standard quality pallet by different customers and re-entering the same pallet into the system. In this way, the october and operational costs incurred by different types of pallets were reduced as much as possible; instead, a pallet loop system was created that is more advantageous.

Our Natural Resources Are Protected

Our natural resources are decreasing every day due to the increase of the world population and the change of consumption habits. For this reason, it is necessary to use natural resources efficiently by reducing material consumption and recycling evaluable qualified waste. Forests, water, oil, etc. as a result of the use of our natural resources in the production process, glass, metal, plastic and paper / cardboard packages are obtained. As a result of the fact that the packages released to the market become waste, separated according to their types and shipped to the recycling industry, the recycled materials are used as secondary raw materials at the production stage of various products. Thus, our natural resources are used less and contribute to nature. For example, as a result of the participation of 1 ton of paper in recycling, 17 trees are prevented from being cut down

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We Save Energy

Recycling saves energy, provided that the number of industrial processes in the production of goods is reduced. For example, in the recycling of metal beverage cans, when these metals are directly melted and converted into new products, the ores used to produce these metals and the processes necessary to purify these ores are no longer necessary for production to occur. Thus, 96% energy savings can be achieved by recycling aluminum cans.

Volume of Waste Is Decreasing

By reducing the amount of waste going to the garbage with the implementation of recycling. a smaller amount of space and energy is used for the transportation and storage of this waste. It is seen that the approximate density of household waste is 0.6 kg/m3, while the density of packaging waste is about 0.3 kg/m3. Although this reduction is not much for household waste by weight, it is a very important ratio when viewed volumetrically. During the collection operations, household waste can be compressed by about 75-80%, while it has been found that this rate is about 25% in packaging waste. With the recovery of packaging waste, more domestic waste can be collected in collection vehicles, in this case reducing collection and transportation costs. Because it will go to landfills less, landfills built at very high costs can be used for longer periods of time.

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Recycling Is an Investment in the Future

It is important to use the natural resources provided to us by the World we live on efficiently so that future generations do not suffer from resource shortages. The more economically we use the natural resources of this world, the less the generations after us will suffer from a shortage of resources, and future generations will have the opportunity to use natural resources. In addition, the recycling sector is developing every day in our country. This development will ensure the establishment of new facilities and the creation of new business opportunities.

Cyclicality Is the Way We Go

We operate long-standing and highly effective cyclical economy systems. Our pallets are designed and manufactured for reuse. We constantly repair the pallets, bringing them back into use again and again. Broken wood or expired pallets are again converted and brought to nature.